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Since their formation as a five-piece in late 2011, Depravation from Giessen (Germany) have constantly pushed their sonic boundaries, leading to a unique blend of genres that does not fit a single category. Starting out with a raw and metallic mixture of crust, sludge and hardcore which is documented on their demo and their first demo I: PRAEDICTVM, the following release II: MALEDICTVM displays a transition towards heavier soundscapes. The output on their splits with Slowly We Rot and Ancst as well as their EP Feast with the Rats, which marked their transition to a four-piece, reveal a filthier and more aggressive inclination towards the genres of black and death metal – delivering the band’s trademark sound without denying their musical roots. From the very beginning Depravation’s live performances have left a unique lasting impression on the audience. The stage is covered in masses of fog, showing only outlines of the band members going berserk against the red light. It comes as no surprise that the scenery of a Depravation live show has often been described as a hellmouth by quasi-spellbound concertgoers. Throughout the years Depravation have played over 300 concerts in Germany and Europe on various weekenders, festivals and tours. Be it in smaller DIY-venues or bigger, commercial locations, the band is catering the musical needs of metalheads as well as the crust and hardcore-punk audiences alike. Their never tiring DIY-spirit is helping the band spread their music across genre borders. After having released their much-anticipated full length III: ODOR MORTIS on Life Force Records in April 2020, the four-piece made use of the pandemic standstill and devoted themselves to writing new music and playing live. Their continuing hunger for aggressive and uncompromising soundscapes paved the way for the band’s third album IV: LETVM, their second output on Life Force Records, which will be released in February 2023.

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