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Initially kicked off as a sludge operation by Mike McClatchey in 2013, Lament Cityscape would gradually turn into a heavy industrial vessel, channeling unearthly terror and dismally charged eeriness. Although their sound can be categorized best under the heavy-industrial umbrella, the "Larva-Rock" project transposes the identifiers of murky sludge, post-metal, dark post-punk, avant-noise, and dark ambient as well. With two LPs, "The Torn" and "Wet Pneumatic", a massive collaborative album, "Soft Tissue", with the New York blackened synth conjurer Theologian, and a slew of EPs in their armory, Lament Cityscape are ready to release their third, and most emotionally confrontational LP, '"A Darker Discharge", in April 2022 through Lifeforce Records.

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