Praise the Plague

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PRAISE THE PLAGUE is a black metal band with a dark and devouring doom attitude. The five piece from Berlin is creating a depressing atmosphere, carried by heavy, sludgy doom. their live performance is all about atmosphere and a massive wall of sound. Formed in 2017 by earlier Earth Ship and Ånd members, Praise the Plague released their debut "Antagonist" in 2018 via Black Omega Recordings. On September 13th 2019, exactly one year after their debut, Praise the Plague released their second output "Antagonist II", which is capturing the mood of "Antagonist" and still creates it‘s own dynamic. "Antagonist II" was released by the Italian label Argonauta Records. Bringing the story of "Antagonist" to an end, Praise the Plague released "Live at Fall of Man‘" on September 13th 2020. Listeners of bands like Cult of Luna, Celeste, Russian Circles, Altar of Plagues and Thou will keep Praise the Plague on their radar.

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