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Escaping from the dark places in the imagination, Portuguese hellions BESTA take inspiration from horror movies and blend them into a frantic, feedback-laden mash-up of punk-rock and old school grindcore, imagine Bad Brains mutating alongside Napalm Death, always with their own creative vein on top of every tune they deliver, with a political axe to grind, shouted on their native Portuguese tongue. With 9 confrontational releases since 2012, and shows alongside Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Mob 47, Cryptopsy, Possessed, Massgrave, Deathrite, Obituary, Mantar or Conan to name a few, touring between Europe and South America and solid apperances on festivals such as Obscene Extreme or Resurrection Fest. The year 2019 set a new chapter, signing with Germany┬┤s Lifeforce Records and the band 2nd full length album titled "Eterno Rancor", a socially conscious record from 4 guys that feeds on pulverizing and skull fracturing punk/grindcore, raucous landscapes, and honesty. BESTA features members of Sinistro and Redemptus.

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