Fall Of Serenity

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In 2007, FALL OF SERENITY unveiled "The Crossfire” on LIFEFORCE RECORDS, their last album that showcased their evolution and hinted at the broader musical horizons they would explore in the years to come. The album garnered enthusiastic acclaim from both press and fans, further propelling their journey.   After a hiatus due to health-related challenges, FALL OF SERENITY has emerged stronger than ever, marked by a profound shift towards black metal influences. This evolution adds an extra layer of depth and darkness to their already potent sound.   Now, 16 years later, the band returns to its old label home for the release of their new album “Open Wide, O Hell”, which is set to be released in March 2024.   As they make their return to the stage, FALL OF SERENITY invites fans to witness their metamorphosis firsthand.

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